Charitable Trust


12-A, Connaught Place, New Delhi

The Bharat Sewa Trust was created on 2nd December, 1968 on the initiative taken by Late Mustafa Rashid Shervani, Late Begum Tara Rashid Shervani and Late Najmul Hasan Naqvi upon their realization that individual philanthropic efforts if combined can contribute more to ease the suffering and requirements of the needy of society in larger area.

Presently Mr Saleem Iqbal Shervani is the Chairman of the Trust and Mr Ahmad Rashid Shervani is the Managing Trustee.

The Trust was created with the objective of upliftment of poor, downtrodden backward and weaker people of society irrespective of their caste, creed or religion in the Union of India by providing assistance in education, school and college fees, scholarship to enable meritorious students pursue further study in University or any Institute, award to teachers, financial assistance in organizing debate, sports and similar activities, meet financial aid to senior or super senior citizens of weaker sections, donation to various sections of society for cultural activities, the expenses of medical treatment of old and weaker people to ease their suffering. The Trust also provides financial aid and other assistance for the marriage of poor girls.

The Trust uses its own sources of income to meet its objectives and does not take any assistance of any kind from the Govt, any organization or Institute and is registered with the Income Tax Dept. Union of India.


2, Kanpur Road, Allahabad- 211 001

Shervani Charitable Trust was created on 13.4.1956 by Late Nisar Ahmad Shervani and Late Mustafa Rashid Shervani for purpose of charity. The Trust is providing financial help to weaker section of society without differentiating between caste, category, religion for the last 6 decades .

Mr. Saleem Iqbal Shervani is the Chairman & Managing Trustee of the Trust. Shervani Charitable Trust is giving donation to public institutions, schools, colleges, madarsas NGO’s, sports and cultural societies etc.

It provides financial help to needy people for general as well as critical medical treatment like heart operation, cancer treatment and orthopedic ailments etc.

The Trust also provides scholarship / monetary help to poor and meritorious students of general & professional education like Engineering, Medical and Management specially to girls students. The Trust also provides monetary help in marriage of poor girls.

In addition to the above charitable activities the trust is providing monthly maintenance aid (pension) to nearly 200 to 250 widows and old infirmed men and women. The Trust is providing sewing machines to widows and poor women desiring to supplement their income. Tri-cycles are also distributed to handicapped persons and blankets to poor during every winter season.

Shervani Charitable Trust derives its income from its own sources and does not take any assistance, financial or otherwise from Central/State Govt. Authorities or organizations or any institutes.